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Embrace your life with Infinity Coaching

Live Your Life in Balance

I am an Executive and Life Coaching expert, who specializes in working with individuals and professionals who want to make positive changes in their life and career.

I assist my Clients in their journeys to discover their strengths and true values, helping them to recognize upcoming opportunities, make mindful choices here-and-now about the future, stay grounded and positive outside of comfort zone, when making transitional steps into new opportunities.

Feel free to contact me when you want to learn how to bring back the comfort and wellbeing into your changing life.

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Infinity Coaching

Emotional Agility

When we experience difficulties, it often feels like life stops, like there is no movement to flow into... but the current of life is there...

When we notice that our emotions are results of thoughts, stories  and "ghosts of the past" rather than universal truths, we become capable to make choices and respond in a way that serves us best in our lives.

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Energy Flow 

Active Session

Do you feel like you have lost your vital energy and are struggling with different diets that do not bring any outcome?

By participating in the Ribbon Flow sessions, you will discover true energy flowing through your body and invigorate your body cells, and be able to enjoy every piece of food you take.

This practice is inspired by Calligraphy Health System - QiGong disciplines - and allows your body to be nourished with the most precious nutrient: oxygen - the key to foster longevity. 

Join one of my sessions today and start feeling the river of energy going through your body and calming your mind.

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Zen Way of Coaching

Effortless Transformation

This service is the favorite among many of my Clients.

It gives you the key to look into yourself, get connected to your values and start your personal journey through a happier and healthier life.

With deep listening, I will equip you with meditative breathing and embodiment techniques, that can set you ready to deeply and consciously experience a balanced  life.  During and after the very first session, you will feel compassionately supported to handle challenges as they arise.

By giving the mindful space to "observe" your thoughts, you will be able to adjust how you interpret your life choices and the outcomes they bring to your life. 

Join me today and start living an authentic life.



Storms of Life

Whether you are in a relationship or looking for a fulfilling one, life throws many surprises at you.

While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take ownership of how we respond to certain situations, here and now.

During the coaching session, I will assist you to define your personal strengths and value-driven boundaries,  find acceptance towards external factors, 

break through your internal obstacles 

and empower your choices to dissolve any storms that life could bring to you. 

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Mindful Performance

Do you feel like you are overwhelmed by competing priorities between your work, family and true self, which makes you stressed and unable to execute what you initially planned? 

Are you aspiring woman who wish to succeed and develop her career in the challenging world?

Or maybe you just feel like adding tasks to your to-do list but not crossing anything out, as if struggling with conflicting values? 

I will guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals, as well as to avoid unconscious mistakes that may disturb your career.

Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.


Infinity Coaching

Transition into the Future

Expatriate life is full of exciting moments: exploring new places, learning new cultures and meeting new people.

However, the other side of the “gold coin” can be much more challenging: feeling unfitting, lacking the power of own presence, missing a deeper sense of belonging.

During sessions - with deep listening and within a secure space – I help you to notice and understand own fears and resistance, as well as behavioral patterns, and allow to decide on whether you choose to keep or abandon them.   

I provide safety net to “test the waters”, become at ease and get excited to find the state of true belonging.

​Contact me today and be comfortable

to realize the upcoming opportunities

and land safely into 

the "future of work and life". 

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you to take control of your life
with my coaching tools and techniques.
Contact me to find out more.

Sat on the Rocks

This is your opportunity to define what matters.

... Objective matters

 ... Journey matters

  ... Balance matters 


replace fear of the unknown

with curiosity

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About Me

Experienced Life Coaching Professional

With an open heart, I have been helping my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back from realizing true potential.

I will listen to you and help you develop better ways to get grounded

and handle the issues that are standing in the way of achieving your goals.

Life is too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled!

Get in touch today and explore what I can do for you. 

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Basel, Switzerland

Phone/WhatsApp: +41 79 139 3144

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