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Gift of Belonging book

The Alphabet of Belonging.
How to build welcoming spaces together.©

The Why Behind Belonging

Many of us have chosen to establish personal or professional roots in a new place. We live in the world of remote or virtually augmented connections. Are these relations as nourishing as the real ones, or became somewhat amplified? Being pulled into the remote world, hopping between avatars and multiple-identities, one might wonder: can I feel at home there? Is there a room where I can be authentic? Is there a way not to feel like a cogwheel in the sophisticated machinery?


The fast-changing world, the performance expectations, the unequal access to knowledge and resources—all these factors create polarities among various interest groups. The greater the polarities, the deeper the sense of isolation. Loneliness is on the rise. Yet this state is highly subjective. We all sense the common truth that one can be lonely in a crowd or find own peace in solitude.


Belonging to ourselves means we can influence our surrounding so that our interactions are meaningful, we live non-lonely and fulfilling lives, and we experience growth. That way, we become the door-openers to build connections that matter. We can experience that deeper sensation, coming from the feeling of being included - the feeling that we have a voice and that it is heard. Belonging matters.


The Alphabet of Belonging© book is a connector between our daily life experiences and the psychology that explains sensations inside of us. First part of the book summarizes the areas of focus and possible challenges, consolidating the diverse language around belongingness - "embodied" into human stories. Second part– the Alphabet itself– is arranged in the order that makes it easy to select, skip or return to the appealing segments. It gives spaces for self-reflection, suggesting opportunities for personal growth.

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